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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Joyeuse Saint Valentin ! We have compiled a little guide for you so that you can celebrate the day of love the French way. Enjoy! Your French Valentine’s Day Guide:

Happy Holidays!

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We are wishing you Happy Holidays or Bonnes Fêtes! Here is a little French Guide with some French key words to learn during this holiday season. Your French Holiday Guide:

Happy Frenchgiving! Enjoy Thanksgiving with this French touch!

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We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving holiday, here are some words you can use on Thanksgiving or share with your French friends! Enjoy!

10 French foods you’re probably saying wrong!

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Avoid a faux-pas, take this quiz on 10 French foods you’re probably saying wrong! Our very own Geoffrey Ruiz even gives you a few tips to wow the waiter next…

Celebrating 20 Years with Chicago Public Schools

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Last week, almost 50 students from Chicago Public Schools visited the Alliance for one of their last times this school year and exchanged laughs, memories, and even some bittersweet tears…

Connected Through French Language

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Meet Jin Jin, better known by her family and friends as Kitty! When she first stepped into the Alliance Française de Chicago four years ago she didn’t know any French,…

Gazette de l’Alliance par nos étudiants !

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As some of you might have seen this past week we have released our first edition of the “Gazette de l’Alliance,” our very own student-made journal available here. I am…

French, Pierre de Coubertin and the Olympics

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The 2018 Olympics are upon us and let me preface this blog post by saying that I am a huge Olympics fan. Being a naturally competitive person, I am drawn…