Le projet français IV

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Bonjour à tous, Il y a deux semaine, on a écrit un email à l’école, ça y est! On a demandé une interview avec les chefs, pour le 11 septembre….

Immersion Day: A fun French day

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Being a new intern at the Alliance Française, I am still learning about the many classes, workshops, and events that go on here, including Immersion Day. For weeks now, we…

Le Projet Français III

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Bonjour tout le monde! La semaine dernière, nous avons partagé une liste de francophones célèbres à Chicago que nous avons considérés pour l’interview. C’était une décision difficile, mais nous avons…

Indulge in some French comfort food

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Comfort food is an almost universally known concept. You have a hard day, you come home and you eat a gallon of mac and cheese and maybe you just feel a…

Cheesy cheesy melty food

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In the mid-west we are known for our casseroles and hot dishes. If you grew up here you might have memories of eating mounds of tater tot hot dish or green…

Turning sour grapes into Champagne

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If you clicked on this post, you probably have some idea of what champagne is. You might be able to recall the pleasant fizz of the bubbles or a particular…

Apple of the earth

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The potato arrived in Europe at the end of the 16th century with very little fanfare, yet it soon found its way into the hearts and stomachs of many as…